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Fic Time!

Ok, so we've compiled the prompts a bit early. They are below the cut. Before you take a gander at all the awesomeness, though, take a look at these nifty instructions:

-Pick a prompt (any prompt, even your own) and write fic/make a video/make a graphic! No minimum length. No minimum rating.

-When you're all ready to release your abomination upon the world, post it in the comments section of this entry. Format the subject like like this: Title, Prompt you're responding to (i.e. pairing, word/phrase).

-If your fic exceeds 4,300 characters, post it in your journal and comment with the link.

-Feel free to post the results of your hideous labors anywhere. Just link back here, please.

-Don't worry about repeating prompts. More than one take on the same pairing/phrase is great.

-You have until 11:59 EST on Tuesday, November 27 to post your fic!

Ben/Jordan, Ben's only half lying when he describes his sisters' kisses.
Carla/Janitor, "why does nothing ever stay fixed?"
Carla/JD, forbidden
Carla/Kelso, where are those charts?
Carla/The Todd, "Why do you hide?"
Cox/Danni, "cigarette"
Cox/Elliot, "moment killer"
Cox/Lavern, Faith
Cox/Neena, "walking lawsuit"
Dan/Danni, Backseat
Doug/Jordan - intimidation
Doug/Random Corpse, "You don't judge me..."
Elliot/Harrison, Cheese and 'Whine'
Elliot/Kelso, My Old Man Fetish
Elliot/Kelso, "Daddy Issues"
Elliot/Rowdy, lonely(non-sexual, of course)
Elliot/Rowdy, man's best friend
Elliot/Ted, frick!
Elliot/The Todd, Scrubs
Elliot/The Todd, Todd gets his bell
Elliot/Troy, egg salad
Enid Kelso/Ted, Payback
Hooch/Jordan, "CRAZY"
Jack/Jennifer Dylan - "Mine!"
Janitor/Jordan, Dominance
Janitor/Laverne, "Ends Well"
JD/"Lady", another way to ruin the Janitor's life
JD/Laverne, "Mhm."
Teenage Jennifer Dylan Cox/Teenage Sammy Dorian, role reversal
Janitor/Jordan - layers
Janitor/Jordon, "For the LULZ!"
Joe/Jordan, "Resist"
Jordan/Kelso, "power play"
Jordan/Kelso, Favor
Jordan/Dr. Mickhead, "Reverse Cowgirl" (ref: My Quarantine, season 4)
Jordan/Randall, "kung fu"
Keith/Kim, rejected
Lavern/Turk, Commonality
Neena/Ted, "freeze"
Slagathor/Todd, I guess

Barry Reid/JD, meeting
Dr. Beardface/Cabbage - incompetence
Beardface/Colonel Doctor, hair care
Ben/Dan, "big brother club"
Ben/JD, post-mortem
Cabbage/Doug, Failure
Cox/Dan, Bubbles
Cox/Dan, Favorites
Cox/Dan, "half decent"
Cox/Dave Norris (the pediatrician with the puppet), dexterity
Cox/Doug, "Hit me, baby."
Cox/Franklin, Apology
Cox/Harrison, Exploration
Cox/Harrison, "daddy issues"
Cox/Janitor - massage chair
Cox/Janitor, torment JD war
Cox/Kelso, Top Dog
Cox/Kelso - nostalgia
(Intern) Cox/Kelso, "apprentice"
Cox/Kelso, something to do with that scene from 7x01 in the lounge
Cox/Kevin Casey - can't stop
Cox/Kevin Casey, Interns' Night Out
Cox/Kevin Casey, studying
Cox/Kevin Casey, battle of the mentors
Cox/Lloyd, special delivery
Cox/Marco, "She's too good for him"
Cox/Pete, Not exactly tackling, this time.
Cox/Dr. Steadman, "first place"
Cox/Ted: "whipped"
Cox/Todd, manipulation
Cox/Turk, Pee Buddies
Cox/Turk, Stress Relief
Cox/Turk, competition
Cox/Turk, 'dain you
Cox/Turk, fight over JD
Cox/Dr. Wen, "surgery vs. medical"
Dan/Doug, screw-up
Dan/Janitor, payback
Doug/JD, A Helping Hand
Doug/JD, Freezer
Doug/Ted, dead people
Doug/Ted, Spandex
Doug/Ted, Misery Loves Company
Nurse Flowers/Ted, "Manly" Men
Teenage Jack Cox/Teenage Sammy Dorian, living through your children
Janitor/Keith, "substitute"
Janitor/Kelso, mop
Janitor/Kelso, pay raise
Janitor/Dr. Mickhead, "But where will we hide the body?"
Janitor/Randal, touche
Janitor/Snoop Dogg Attending, forgotten names
Janitor/Ted, go green
Janitor/Ted, hemp briefs
Janitor/The Todd, 'more fragile than he looks'
Janitor/Todd, the song "Touch Me" from Spring Awakening
JD/Harrison, it's raining men
JD/Kelso, "cookie"
JD/Kevin Casey, Hero Worship
JD/Kevin Casey, plunder
JD/Leonard (Security Guard with a hook for a hand big afro), line
JD/Maury(Matthew Perry), guitar.
JD/Nick Murdoch (Sean Hayes), Jealousy
JD/Rowdy, Dry Spell
JD/Sean, "dominance"
JD/Ted, Puppets
JD/TheTodd, No One Will Ever Know
JD/The Todd, Perfectly Straight
JD/The Todd, "You don't understand!"
JD/The Todd, Rowdy
JD/The Todd, nutella
JD/The Todd, Todd's name means 'fox'
JD/Troy (Sloppy Joe Guy), "strawbRARY"
Keith/Loyd, drugs
Kelso/Dr. Kevin Casey, medication bargaining
Kelso/Dr. Steadman, "next in line"
Kelso/Ted, snark
Kelso/Ted, Respect
Kelso/Ted, dominance
Kelso/The Todd, pattern
Marco/The Todd - "Those are mine"
Marco/Turk, prove it
Ted/The Todd, insecure
Ted/The Todd, unappreciated
Ted/Turk, dare
TheTodd/Turk, Locker Room
TheTodd/Turk, Basketball
The Todd/Turk, surgeons' games
The Todd/Turk - lunch
Turk/Dr. Wen, Precision

Bonnie/Carla, "Real reason, Turk!"
Carla/Jordan, Tequila
Carla/Julie(the pharmaceutical rep), left out
Carla/Laverne, late night
Carla/Laverne, Overnight Shift
Carla/Laverne, Chocolate
Carla/Dr. Miller, defend
Danni Sullivan/Elliot, revenge
Danni/Elliot, "natural blonde"
Elliot/Juile, "that's what she said"
Elliot/Kim, crying
Elliot/Miller, "Are you asking me out on a date?"
Gift Shop Girl/Molly Clock- ditzy
Isabella/Jennifer Dylan - ice cream
Jordan/The Harpies, bffs
Jordan/Laverne, "baptism"
Jordan/Dr. Miller, "ugh... Men!"
Jordan/Molly - Sugary sweet
Jordan/Neena (Broderick), Queen Bee
Jordan/Neena, domination
Jordan/Nurse Tisdale, hobby

Ben/Danni/Jordan, freak out
Bob/Cox/Joe/Turk, "sooo nice"
Carla/Elliot/Kim/Jordan (group), girls night out
Cox/Kelso/Steadman, "power struggle"
Danni/Elliot/Julie/Kim/Kylie/Tasty Coma Wife, "Ex Girlfriend Club"
Elliot/Janitor/Jordan, "two rights make wrong"
Elliot/Jordan/Dr. Miller, "Real Feminist"
Elliot/The Todd/JD, Todd and Elliot square off to get 'their' man ("Everyone knows your just using him for sex!", "Bitch! I will burn your house down!")The Worthless Peons (foursome), practice
Keith/JD/The Todd - size matters

Fun was had by all when it came to prompts. So let's get the fic coming!



Nov. 23rd, 2007 12:14 pm (UTC)
Title: Gotcha!
Pairing: Chirs Turk/Perry Cox
Prompt: Stress Relief
Rating: R for language

Almost there, almost there... c'mon... think about her breasts... small, perky, I bet she's got peach nipples...did the door just open? no... that blonde hair, those big red lips parted wide... c'mon c'mon... is someone else in here? NO... B.A.N.A.N.A.S.... shit not those creepy asian girls, no nono, out of my head, shit this is taking FOREVER... focus, focus...

"You oughta put up a warning if you're going to do... *that*!"

Aaaaannnd moment lost. Shit. Okay, so now you've got to act cool, because otherwise you're going to be forced to kill this imbecile and Jordan'll never come to the jail to visit you, the bitch.

"Gandhi." That's right, cold as ice. Because what you were attempting before he barged the fuck in without even bothering to knock was completely natural.

Snickers fill the room.

"You actually do that, still?"

"Just because you're so pent up about your sexuality; and let me tell you that everyone knows and this is a fairly tolerant workplace so you and Jessica can come out of the damn closet already because nobody *CARES*, doesn't mean others have the same unhealthy restrictions on their natural bodily functions." That's right, he's the one with the problem...

"Hey, I'm not the one jerking off in the bathroom. You're the one with the issue," He snorts as he heads to the door.

Shit! He's actually matured, it's a fucking miracle, shit shit shit... Grab him, only one of you is going to leave alive...

"Just what are you planning to do once you go out this door?"

"I think I'm owed some payback for first year, don't you?"

"I don't think so," Nice pin! Oh, what have we here... my my my, you're in trouble now, Gandhi. Perfect. "But see, you're going to have to lie if you go out there."

"Why is that?"

Nice play at defiant, but I see through you. I thought I heard that door open earlier... you're mine now. Slide past that drawstring and there it is... hmm, pretty decent size there, no wonder Lucille's so attached

"You see, I'm not going to the only one jerking off in here..."


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