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Fic Time!

Ok, so we've compiled the prompts a bit early. They are below the cut. Before you take a gander at all the awesomeness, though, take a look at these nifty instructions:

-Pick a prompt (any prompt, even your own) and write fic/make a video/make a graphic! No minimum length. No minimum rating.

-When you're all ready to release your abomination upon the world, post it in the comments section of this entry. Format the subject like like this: Title, Prompt you're responding to (i.e. pairing, word/phrase).

-If your fic exceeds 4,300 characters, post it in your journal and comment with the link.

-Feel free to post the results of your hideous labors anywhere. Just link back here, please.

-Don't worry about repeating prompts. More than one take on the same pairing/phrase is great.

-You have until 11:59 EST on Tuesday, November 27 to post your fic!

Ben/Jordan, Ben's only half lying when he describes his sisters' kisses.
Carla/Janitor, "why does nothing ever stay fixed?"
Carla/JD, forbidden
Carla/Kelso, where are those charts?
Carla/The Todd, "Why do you hide?"
Cox/Danni, "cigarette"
Cox/Elliot, "moment killer"
Cox/Lavern, Faith
Cox/Neena, "walking lawsuit"
Dan/Danni, Backseat
Doug/Jordan - intimidation
Doug/Random Corpse, "You don't judge me..."
Elliot/Harrison, Cheese and 'Whine'
Elliot/Kelso, My Old Man Fetish
Elliot/Kelso, "Daddy Issues"
Elliot/Rowdy, lonely(non-sexual, of course)
Elliot/Rowdy, man's best friend
Elliot/Ted, frick!
Elliot/The Todd, Scrubs
Elliot/The Todd, Todd gets his bell
Elliot/Troy, egg salad
Enid Kelso/Ted, Payback
Hooch/Jordan, "CRAZY"
Jack/Jennifer Dylan - "Mine!"
Janitor/Jordan, Dominance
Janitor/Laverne, "Ends Well"
JD/"Lady", another way to ruin the Janitor's life
JD/Laverne, "Mhm."
Teenage Jennifer Dylan Cox/Teenage Sammy Dorian, role reversal
Janitor/Jordan - layers
Janitor/Jordon, "For the LULZ!"
Joe/Jordan, "Resist"
Jordan/Kelso, "power play"
Jordan/Kelso, Favor
Jordan/Dr. Mickhead, "Reverse Cowgirl" (ref: My Quarantine, season 4)
Jordan/Randall, "kung fu"
Keith/Kim, rejected
Lavern/Turk, Commonality
Neena/Ted, "freeze"
Slagathor/Todd, I guess

Barry Reid/JD, meeting
Dr. Beardface/Cabbage - incompetence
Beardface/Colonel Doctor, hair care
Ben/Dan, "big brother club"
Ben/JD, post-mortem
Cabbage/Doug, Failure
Cox/Dan, Bubbles
Cox/Dan, Favorites
Cox/Dan, "half decent"
Cox/Dave Norris (the pediatrician with the puppet), dexterity
Cox/Doug, "Hit me, baby."
Cox/Franklin, Apology
Cox/Harrison, Exploration
Cox/Harrison, "daddy issues"
Cox/Janitor - massage chair
Cox/Janitor, torment JD war
Cox/Kelso, Top Dog
Cox/Kelso - nostalgia
(Intern) Cox/Kelso, "apprentice"
Cox/Kelso, something to do with that scene from 7x01 in the lounge
Cox/Kevin Casey - can't stop
Cox/Kevin Casey, Interns' Night Out
Cox/Kevin Casey, studying
Cox/Kevin Casey, battle of the mentors
Cox/Lloyd, special delivery
Cox/Marco, "She's too good for him"
Cox/Pete, Not exactly tackling, this time.
Cox/Dr. Steadman, "first place"
Cox/Ted: "whipped"
Cox/Todd, manipulation
Cox/Turk, Pee Buddies
Cox/Turk, Stress Relief
Cox/Turk, competition
Cox/Turk, 'dain you
Cox/Turk, fight over JD
Cox/Dr. Wen, "surgery vs. medical"
Dan/Doug, screw-up
Dan/Janitor, payback
Doug/JD, A Helping Hand
Doug/JD, Freezer
Doug/Ted, dead people
Doug/Ted, Spandex
Doug/Ted, Misery Loves Company
Nurse Flowers/Ted, "Manly" Men
Teenage Jack Cox/Teenage Sammy Dorian, living through your children
Janitor/Keith, "substitute"
Janitor/Kelso, mop
Janitor/Kelso, pay raise
Janitor/Dr. Mickhead, "But where will we hide the body?"
Janitor/Randal, touche
Janitor/Snoop Dogg Attending, forgotten names
Janitor/Ted, go green
Janitor/Ted, hemp briefs
Janitor/The Todd, 'more fragile than he looks'
Janitor/Todd, the song "Touch Me" from Spring Awakening
JD/Harrison, it's raining men
JD/Kelso, "cookie"
JD/Kevin Casey, Hero Worship
JD/Kevin Casey, plunder
JD/Leonard (Security Guard with a hook for a hand big afro), line
JD/Maury(Matthew Perry), guitar.
JD/Nick Murdoch (Sean Hayes), Jealousy
JD/Rowdy, Dry Spell
JD/Sean, "dominance"
JD/Ted, Puppets
JD/TheTodd, No One Will Ever Know
JD/The Todd, Perfectly Straight
JD/The Todd, "You don't understand!"
JD/The Todd, Rowdy
JD/The Todd, nutella
JD/The Todd, Todd's name means 'fox'
JD/Troy (Sloppy Joe Guy), "strawbRARY"
Keith/Loyd, drugs
Kelso/Dr. Kevin Casey, medication bargaining
Kelso/Dr. Steadman, "next in line"
Kelso/Ted, snark
Kelso/Ted, Respect
Kelso/Ted, dominance
Kelso/The Todd, pattern
Marco/The Todd - "Those are mine"
Marco/Turk, prove it
Ted/The Todd, insecure
Ted/The Todd, unappreciated
Ted/Turk, dare
TheTodd/Turk, Locker Room
TheTodd/Turk, Basketball
The Todd/Turk, surgeons' games
The Todd/Turk - lunch
Turk/Dr. Wen, Precision

Bonnie/Carla, "Real reason, Turk!"
Carla/Jordan, Tequila
Carla/Julie(the pharmaceutical rep), left out
Carla/Laverne, late night
Carla/Laverne, Overnight Shift
Carla/Laverne, Chocolate
Carla/Dr. Miller, defend
Danni Sullivan/Elliot, revenge
Danni/Elliot, "natural blonde"
Elliot/Juile, "that's what she said"
Elliot/Kim, crying
Elliot/Miller, "Are you asking me out on a date?"
Gift Shop Girl/Molly Clock- ditzy
Isabella/Jennifer Dylan - ice cream
Jordan/The Harpies, bffs
Jordan/Laverne, "baptism"
Jordan/Dr. Miller, "ugh... Men!"
Jordan/Molly - Sugary sweet
Jordan/Neena (Broderick), Queen Bee
Jordan/Neena, domination
Jordan/Nurse Tisdale, hobby

Ben/Danni/Jordan, freak out
Bob/Cox/Joe/Turk, "sooo nice"
Carla/Elliot/Kim/Jordan (group), girls night out
Cox/Kelso/Steadman, "power struggle"
Danni/Elliot/Julie/Kim/Kylie/Tasty Coma Wife, "Ex Girlfriend Club"
Elliot/Janitor/Jordan, "two rights make wrong"
Elliot/Jordan/Dr. Miller, "Real Feminist"
Elliot/The Todd/JD, Todd and Elliot square off to get 'their' man ("Everyone knows your just using him for sex!", "Bitch! I will burn your house down!")The Worthless Peons (foursome), practice
Keith/JD/The Todd - size matters

Fun was had by all when it came to prompts. So let's get the fic coming!



Nov. 22nd, 2007 12:51 am (UTC)
I love your Casey voice! There are no words to describe this :'D
Very beautiful.


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